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Panic mode

¡O Dios Mío! Wow, with the countdown to 8 more days I have hit the panic mode. Obviously staying up until 3 am to post about my panic demonstrates this. It has hit me that I am in fact leaving the country. There is still so much to do, mainly making copies and looking through all the paperwork to remember what to bring, phone numbers and addresses. I’m mostly worried about the language placement test. Crazy right? I’ve been learning Spanish for almost 6 years now (WOAH) yet I’m afraid during the oral exam I’ll stick to “Hola” and “¿Cómo está?”. This fear mainly stems from my regret that I haven’t used the extra 28 days I’ve had to study and used them to instead sleep and worry. But I’m going to try and twist my worries into another goal for my time abroad: CUT DOWN THE WORRYING! I’ve always been a worry-wart, such a gross word, but it’s true. Hopefully the culture shock I experience will help take away my worries, extra stress and help me gain the confidence I have down deep inside me.

On a brighter note I have been reading about Costa Rica. While I’ve been there once before (a time I will never forget) I’ve realized that I have completely forgotten many names of the places I visited and stayed. Reading more about the culture brings back so many warm memories of my first trip there. This brings out the “I can’t wait!” emotion because this time around, I am living in Costa Rica for 5 months instead of 2 weeks, giving me plenty of time to explore, absorb the culture, and definitely improving my Spanish. I think my ultimate worry is that I won’t be able to sign up for the classes I really need for Miami, but I’m starting to accept that in the long run, as long as I take transferable classes to my major, either way my Spanish will improve.

Tomorrow I plan on shopping for my remaining necessities and making those copies. After having time to write out my thoughts the panic attack has subsided….for now.



Comments on: "Panic mode" (2)

  1. Lynn Burns said:

    You will do great! I have confidence in you!!

  2. Aunt Sandy said:

    Sending love and prayers to you, Katie! Know you will do very well in your new adventure of learning! I will be keeping up with your Blog for sure! Enjoy your time in Costa Rica…..I’m sure you will benefit greatly from your experiences there. Will be thinking of you and watching for your posts…..stay safe!

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