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The Big Day

I decided to write this blog while in the airplane. Now obviously it was posted after I exited the airplane but in case anyone was wondering, I did wait until landing to post this.

This morning I woke up at around 3:00, which was essentially a one-hour nap because I could not sleep. Ian was able to make it and spent the night at my house on the couch while we talked most of the night about random silly things and how much we’ll miss one another. I was so thankful that he could come to the airport to say goodbye, if it weren’t for the amazing Andrew Chen, he would have been stuck in the ol’ Oxbox. After arriving at the airport check in was easy, I don’t know why I was so worried, then again, who in their right mind would want to hang out at the airport at 4:30 in the morning! We then took many pictures, some of my parents and me and one with Ian and I, then before security Kayla and I had our pictures taken together. Security is the most nerve-wracking thing ever, I know I have nothing to hide, but boy do those x-rays make me feel like I’ve done something wrong! Kayla and I then hit Starbucks for something to have on the plane and within ten or so minutes we were allowed to board.

Now from the layout on Orbitz, I was picturing something relatively huge, with some elbow space. We were both shocked to find that our plane was very small! As someone who is claustrophobic, my stomach sure tied in knots and the anxiety levels rose. Kayla and I then had a great talk about our host family, how much Spanish we’re ready to speak and our preparations for the trip.

At the moment (8:17 a.m.) Kayla decided to nap, so I put my headphones in and decided to write some of my blog. Once we arrive in Houston I can either post this part one, or write more on the Houston airplane. Not much else to report except while waiting at our gate, we overheard some native Spanish speakers (perhaps they are also going to Costa Rica) and we both joked how we should join in their conversation to practice! Since sleeping on the plane is not working for me I’ve decided to watch You’ve Got Mail instead (Thanks Dad for putting in on! ☺).

Part two: The arrival

After a very nice dish of arroz con pollo (chicken and rice) I am about ready to take a nap, but first I will retell the arrival. First of all, whoever said the middle of the day would be less crowded in customs lied. But it was not that bad, I decided to try my Spanish, which would have been a better idea if I weren’t sleep deprived and still feeling the motion of the plane. I felt silly because she was talking away and I could only understand some of it. Then all us Miami kids claimed our baggage and made our way to meet our families. I will paint the picture, you turn a corner in the airport where it is nice and calm then you find a least a hundred people pressing up against the glass with name signs. My host mom was outside so when I didn’t see her I worried, mainly because I didn’t want to walk into the chaos alone. But alas she yelled “Kate!” (Yay for Facebook recognition). Then her friend drove us home. I love my tico home! My room is blue with a calm blue and yellow blanket on the bed. It is smaller than the dorm at Thomson but I am perfectly okay with that. After the tour Ana had many customers (she rents party supplies, like napkins and chairs) and I asked if it was okay if I took a nap. She said of course but said I should eat first, and with tico time the “dime un segundo” became a couple hours. But I was okay with this, I practiced speaking with her and then her boyfriend came over and he helped me a lot! We talked about my church and my family and other little things. He told me “poco y poco” which means little by little I will speak and improve at my Spanish. The meal was delicious, Ana gave me some homemade jugo de piña (pineapple juice) and it was delicious! Now I am going to Facetime with my parents for a few minutes before I go to bed, I can still feel the motion of the plane 😛


Comments on: "The Big Day" (3)

  1. Lynn Burns said:

    Not to make you nervous, but so you can plan for your return trip, you will be flying on the same kind of plane back from Houston to Columbus. You may want to pick up some dramamine (sp?) at the Houston airport….I think you’ll have enough time to have it take effect before you take off for home. Sorry you ended up on a small plane, I had to take the same kind from Columbus to DC last spring break and I didn’t care for it either. Take care, rest and we’ll talk again soon:)

  2. Aunt Sandy said:

    Nice to know that you’ve arrived safe and sound! Sounds like a rather adventurous (nerve-wracking perhaps?) trip! Enjoy yourself! Sending hugs to you!

  3. Juanita B. Callahan said:


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