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Orientation Day 1/Day 2

Yesterday I woke up around 6:45 do get ready before breakfast which was at 7. After breakfast my mom and I walked to the university. I no longer have any worries about weight gain because walking 1 km everyday is going to keep the fat away! WIN. Anyways….we met all the other ISEP students outside the university and went to the library. It was refreshing to know that they were as nervous and had troubles with comprehension as well. Then from 8-5pm we basically sat in a room and listened to Ivelina (the resident director) and other UNA staff members. The campus is beautiful! I love that I can see the mountains from outside the library! Our lunch break was nice because we were able to walk around and see more of the campus. Then around 3pm or so I was too tired to understand most of what the staff members said. Once I returned home with my mom I took a two hour nap, ate dinner, then went to bed.

Today was the day of the placement exam! I was really nervous at first but the written was only a few simple questions and the interview was not all that bad. Profe Alexa was unsure where to put me so she said I can try intermediate and if she sees that I am doing well she’ll move me up to the advanced level. I hope so because I want to make sure that I get the credit for 342. At first I was a little bummed because Cori, Bill and many of the others were placed in advanced, but I figure if I work hard and improve that’s all that matters. We then took a tour of the campus and around Heredia which was entertaining. I think what will be harder than taking the classes will be crossing the streets without a car hitting me. We ate lunch at a café or some sort, courtesy of ISEP, and I had chicken, rice and cake. It was delicious! Cori pointed out that by the time she returns to Ohio she won’t want to eat rice for a long time, I am beginning to agree with her! Returning to the front of the university we waited until it was time to schedule. Scheduling was AWFUL! Oh my…. Most of the classes that Wireback had approved were at times we could not take them because of the culture course. We then figured we might as well knock our fine arts out of the way here. I ended up signing up for Dialectología hispanoamericana, Literatura española contemporánea, Teatro humanismo y sociedad, ISEP culture course and the Exchange Language Club. The Exchange Language Club is working one on one with a native speaker, helping them with their english and they help us with our spanish. It isn’t for any credit, but I figure the experience will be worth while 🙂 Once we were done (after 3 hours or so…blech!) I walked with my mom to the grocery store to buy food for dinner. We took a different route than before so I was confused. Once we returned home I downloaded my pictures from the day and just chilled until dinner was ready. I had to try really hard not to nap because I want to get a good nights sleep. Tomorrow we explore San José! I really hope I can remember the name of the market where Señora took us!

Eso es todo, ¡adiós!


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