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First Excursion: Sarapiquí

Here’s the recap of this weekend:

Friday we met in front of UNA at 6:50 am! Too early for me! We all packed into this spacious van and made our way to Sarapiquí. Our first stop was a small park close by to the campus in Sarapiquí for lunch. Everyone brought out their lunches that their host mom’s had packed, I had a sandwich and an apple, it was delicious. Then we visited the UNA campus there, which was a lot smaller than the campus in Heredia, there was only one building. It was beautiful though, there was a river and the setting was very tranquil. After listening to Alexa’s father about the history of the campus we made our way to the pineapple factory. I was not expecting there to be so much pineapple! I forgot how much land the guide said but it was over 800 acres or so. Our guide was hilarious! He said the reject pineapple went to Canada and made many jokes throughout the tour. Once we went inside the factory building he told us to go into this cold room, then he turned out the light and jokingly said thank you before letting us out again. After the wagon ride through the fields we were given piña coladas in pineapples, and slices of the fruit. Cori ended up enjoying the pineapple when she thought she wouldn’t so that was awesome. The Selva Verde Lodge was beautiful! Beside our rooms there were hammocks and I rested in one of them during our free time, taking pictures of the scenery. We used our free time to swim in the pool before dinner, it was very refreshing. Saturday we were able to sleep in, until 8 (it was a very big deal!). We then did community service by planting trees to give shade to the finchas. It was fun, but the humidity made me sweat like crazy. Once we were done the owner of the land gave us juice and I played with the kitten, Jerry. Later that day we took a river tour, I saw a caiman, an alligator, and monkeys. Both friday night and saturday night Bill, Misha, Cori and I played cards in the lobby, it was nice to talk to Misha. Sunday we went to the cocoa plantation and saw the traditional way of making chocolate. It was very interesting, and the chocolate tasted great! We returned to Heredia around 2 ish and I took a nap and hung out while my mom went to visit friends.

Today has been very dull adventure wise. I did get my schedule and it is exactly the one I had anticipated, which is great, but after that I have been sitting around all day not doing much of anything because I did not have any plans for my empty Mondays. Some of the ISEP kids are thinking about going to the beach this weekend, I think it’ll be a great time! Tomorrow my first class starts at 8am, wish me luck!



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  1. Lynn Burns said:

    So, how has your week been? Are your classes interesting? Will you have papers, exams or both? Hope you have fun this weekend:-)

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