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Manuel Antonio

Early Saturday morning Erin, Kayla, Bill, Cori, Maya and I met at the explanada at 6:45 am. Gross! We then walked down to the bus stop on the way to San José, from there we took a taxi to the correct bus stop and waited for our bus. While waiting I found the beloved candy Señora showed us the last time I went, FRUTAS! I bought ten, I was so excited, then gave one to everyone. Our bus ride was about 3 hours long, and we got off in Quepos (7km from M.A. but the town our hotel was located). I remembered immediately that I had in fact been there before and Manuel Antonio, all week I could not remember. After asking many people for directions (yay Spanish) we found the Hotel Ceciliano. Once we put away our things, and locked our valuables in the bathroom (like bosses) we changed into our swim apparel and took a bus to Manuel Antonio. The bus fare was only 250 colones (less than $1). We had no idea where to get off so we figured in front of the beach would work. We all chipped in for an umbrella, set down our things then went towards the Pacific. It was Maya’s first time on the beach ever, so that was exciting to see her happiness. Maya and I joined Bill and Cori in the waves. They were fierce, I was knocked over several times until I caught the memo to dive under them. Still there were moments were I had to grab onto my suit to prevent the ocean from seeing all that is me. Once I was worn out, Maya and I returned to our things to catch some sun rays. We also met this adorable puppy, Chester, on the beach. He ate the rest of my unwanted snow cone, later we found that he was owned by the man renting the chairs and umbrellas. He offered me him for free…..if only. We then returned to our hotel, changed and went out to eat at Dos Locos, a small Mexican Restaurant. I had fish tacos, they were pretty fly. Then we went to this empty club around 7:30 (we’re such night owls) and all the girls except Cori with her tasty Cola lite, had Piña Coladas. It was scrumptious. We were there for maybe an hour and a half when we decided to go out for ice cream then find one more bar to hang out for the night. We chose one, I forget its name, and I found Ron y Cola (an already mixed rum and coke) it was interesting but not my favorite. Then we went to bed at a reasonable hour….10:30pm.

Sunday we headed to the National Park in Manuel Antonio. It was so beautiful and very worth the ten dollars to get in. We saw squirrel monkeys, who are adorable, I got camera happy with all the monkeys we saw. We then went to the beach, unfortunately we didn’t realize there was a beach in the park, while I had brought my suit for later the others did not so we just soaked our feet in the water and walked along the trail. Then we spotted the Capuchins! I have never seen so many monkeys in my life and been so close! I saw a monkey and her baby riding its back, monkeys running on the trail, hopping branches, EVERYWHERE! Then we saw two monkeys hanging out around the water fountain that Bill had drank from. I guess they knew about the droplets that occur after someone drinks from the fountain and use the water supply. Anyways, a lady tried to help them turn it on and one of the monkeys slapped her! It was entertaining. We trucked on, and I saw Pizote (Costa Rican raccoons) and a sloth! After our time in the park we took a group nap, went out to dinner and had pizza. Then we headed out for ice cream, returned to the hotel and watched How Do You Know with Spanish subtitles. We all ended up falling asleep to Ghost Rider.

I was having the best sleep, with some odd dreams about Bill flinging bugs at me, when I felt my bed shake around 4:55am. Before I was completely awake I totally thought he was shaking all of our beds, then my eyes shot open, I sat up and all our beds were shaking. Apparently we had experienced a 6 point Earthquake, centered in Quepos. This was my first earthquake, it was awesome. What happened next was we all sort of stared at each other, I laughed, and Cori said “Oh hey, earthquake” then we all went back to sleep. That was earlier this morning, I was contemplating texting my mom when it had happened because I figured she’d be up 6am her time, but I changed my mind not feeling up to a worried phone call when I was barely conscious. Here is a link to the story:

This morning we had dinner at the hotel, paid then waited at the bus stop for our bus. I was so glad to be back in Heredia, after a nice warm cleansing shower and dinner, I have been updating my blog, doing homework and looking through my   plethora of monkey pictures.


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  1. Juanita B. Callahan said:

    Well it sounds most interesting rightnow….but the earthquake,,I don’t know about that…..Hope it was “not” just the beginning of “BIGGER THINGS”!!! Just take care in your new environment….and advance with caution!!! Huh??? oh well you know what I meant……I am getting ready to go to a meeting this afternoon….Having Soup beans and Cornbread….sounds good. I made some dessert to take…that..Orange Jello, whipped cream, cottage cheese and mandarin oranges…thing….Kind of good…and different. The weather is better today…NO SNOW….and no rain either….sure looking forward to SPRING..and warmer weather…Take care of yourself….Love you and prayers go out for you every day….Gr. grandma Callahan

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