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This past week (2/20-26) and today have been very eventful! Also I can write about each day with more detail because I can remember what happened 🙂


I love Mondays! I have no classes and I have been sleeping in and catching up on rest from the weekend. This particular Monday I had a group meeting at 4 for my literature class. So I woke up around 11 or so, ate brunch and began to research Miguel Primo de Rivera, a Spanish dictator. Bouncing back between Netflix and research, I was ready for the group meeting. We met in the library in the Filosofía y Letras building and discussed the events and planned out a powerpoint. It only took an hour and I decided that I would do the powerpoint and Meiling could do the handout. Afterwards I returned home and finished the homework for ISEP while watching HIMYM.


Tuesday morning I woke up and walked to class. I had my passport copies and money all ready for part I of the visa procedure until some of the girls in my program and I found out the last day was Monday. A miscommunication via email had us all confused, so after class we decided to go to the bank and do the procedure ourselves. Afterwards we went to POPS and I had a coffee ice cream cone, it was supreme. After the ice cream I returned to UNA to meet my student. Mariel and I searched for a place to talk when she asked me “¿Le gusta cerveza?” and I said, “Uhh….sí?”. So we went to Alcatraz and ordered two cervezas, then talked about our majors, where we lived and why we wanted to learn each language. When the hour was up she asked me if I wanted coffee but I told her I had to return to UNA to give Paula my copies. However, Paula was out on a hospital visit and all the girls in the program decided to return to POPS so Maya, Kerri, and Misha could get their visa stuff done. Maya also wanted to check on a dog she had found, one she could not walk away from. I did not know what to expect from this pup, but as soon as I saw her and commanded “¡Venga!” I adored her. The security guard gave us a wire to use as a leash so we could take her to the vet. I told Maya there was a vet’s office a block away from my house, so we headed to the vet’s office. There we asked if we could let her stay there until Maya could take her home in March. I bought her a collar and we went to find her a place to stay for the night because apparently other people have brought in strays but left them there. Unfortunately we were not able to find her a place for the night, both our host mom’s did not approve of street dogs. It broke our hearts but we decided to leave her in the park so we could return to her in the morning. When we left she began to follow Maya home, and I went home and hoped she would be there in the morning.


Wednesday I left the house around 11:30 to look for the puppy. I had to tutor again at 12 this time so I could not spend as much time looking for her as I hoped. I ended up sitting very close to my person until we realized we were waiting for each other. Lidia was adorable! She was so nervous about speaking English and I assured her not to worry, I understood completely. We discussed how grammar could  be complex and how English was hard to learn. She was very sweet and taught her that it is “I am 22 years old” not “I have 22 years”, although that seems more reasonable, Spanish ftw. After tutoring I slowly walked through the park when lo and behold, I found the dog! She was sleeping under the shade from a store, her collar was missing though 😦 I called Maya immediately telling her I had found her! She followed us to the vet and we were able to get her help! We decided on the name Jewell, she’s such a sweetheart. She was given medicine, which she took like a champ, and she had what must have been her first bath experience ever! Maya thanked me for helping and I told her how much of an animal lover I am. The doctor told us she does volunteer work with strays and asked if we were interested, I said of course! I then returned home and started on my work book for the ISEP course. Later I was meeting Jessica at the park so we could return to my house for youth group. I am so glad I brought another believer, youth group was a blast! We talked about what candles represented and sang songs, I felt very close to the Lord that night. 🙂 Then when we had snack, all our new friends taught us Tico sayings! It was so much fun, Maureen told me that it was level 1 and I had to study them, Yamil told me there would be a quiz next week, those sillies. They then asked Jessica and I for English sayings. Unfortunately I am not the best person to ask, but I did teach them the word “Bro”. It was SOOOO funny! Even my mom joined in, “¿Qué broooo?” y “Broooooo.” I approved so much. Next week then want to try speaking English for the first 30 minutes, I agreed to help them. Once they all left I stayed up late to finish my homework.


Thursday I had the ISEP class, and we went over the workbook homework. I had a few wrong but the review over these certain verbs was nice. Afterwards I waited for my final tutoring of the week, Flory. Flory is a dear. She was nervous about speaking English so we kept things slow. She lives in Cartago, which is two hours away via bus. I can’t believe she makes that walk everyday! When I returned home I quickly gave the vet food for Jewell, she let me see her and she immediately brightened up, I felt bad because I had to go somewhere with my mom but I would return later. I went with my mom to her salon and got my nails done for the first time in my life! It was relatively exciting. I then called Maya and we took Jewell for a walk. I love her puppy hugs, she is so happy to see Maya and I. We walked for about an hour or so, she made plenty of new “friends” or barking admirers. After the walk I finished my PPT for Literatura and then went out with some of the girls.


Friday I had Teatro and Literatura. First in theater, we were split into our groups and discussed what would be in our play. It was for the most part entertaining, but after 2 hours I was ready to go. That teacher seems to not want to waste any of the time we have. Bill, Kayla, Cori, and I sat in the classroom for literature early. When other people began to arrive, including Nemesis, the most peculiar thing happened. He greeted Kayla, Cori, and I with a kiss on the cheek. Now while this is a custom greeting it was strange because both Cori and I had barely spoken to him. We think he likes Kayla, but more on that later. In Literatura we gave our presentations. When Meiling said she would add information to my powerpoint, I was under the impression she had made extra slides. However, it turned out she made another powerpoint and our presentation lasted 15 or more minutes. The other presentations were not as long, except for of course Nemesis’ and his faithful sidekick. Back to the Kayla story, when Sabelotodo passed out his handouts he gave her a squeeze on the arm, in that awkward flirtatious way…it was so hard not to laugh, but we had to keep it in. Friday night I went to bed early because we had an excursion the next day: La Fortuna.


Waking up at 5:30 was awful! I am not ready for morning shifts when I return 😉 Once we boarded the bus the drive took about 4 hours. In the 2nd hour we were stuck on this hill, surrounded by clouds, we discussed the perfect set up for a horror movie. We stopped in a small town that begins with a Z. It had these really cool hedge tunnels and other hedge sculptures. Arriving in La Fortuna was very exciting, I was so glad to see Arenal once more. I planned to stay the night to go on the lava hike. Our first stop was to see a waterfall. It was beautiful, but the 500 meters of steep downhill stairs and the return back up was not! We then traveled to this hot springs resort and had lunch, then we were free to swim for a few hours. The water felt so nice! There was even a bar in one of the springs, we sat on the chairs and pretended to be fancy. It was like swimming in a giant hot tub. Later, the taxi bus dropped those of us who were staying the night off at our hostel. It wasn’t until the afternoon when Erin informed me that Arenal had became dormant a year and a half ago. Lame volcano! I was so bummed! But not to fear, we planned on a night hike and went to buy groceries. I bought apples, butter , and hot dogs for later. The girls endured my request to find a pandería, with luck I found a Musmanni, my favorite kind of bread in Costa Rica! This with the proper margarine it is so yummy! I shared it with the girls when we returned and due to the rain we stayed in and just talked. It was nice just to hang out and become familiar with everyone. In Erin and I’s room we met two people from San Fransisco, and two men with British accents (muy guapo!). That night I had the best nights sleep, I was exhausted.

Sunday & Today

We woke up around 9:30, I shared the rest of my bread with Erin and we walked around looking around shops to wait for the bus. I bought a cool black t-shirt with a non sleeping Arenal on it, and four miniature bags of coffee (they make the best gifts!). The bus ride was not horrible, I slept most of the way and thankfully my iPod stayed alive the whole time. When I returned home I took a nap then told my mom about the trip.

Today I slept in until 11am, hooray for no classes! I decided to finish my postcards. I need to buy more because I’m down to the lame free ones and they aren’t as pretty as the others. Then I picked up Jewell and took a walk up to the park, I met Maya there and asked her to wait with Jewell so I could buy stamps. My first batch of postcards are finally sent out! (If you’d like one simply message me your address). Jewell and I finished our walk and I enjoyed dinner with my mom and watched The Prince of Egypt on Netflix. Then I watch HIMYM (it was so cute) and read more of my book.

Tata for now! I will try my best to write every two days instead of once a week 🙂


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    Would love a post card. Grandma B

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