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Week 2 of classes

The week of Valentine’s Day was not that eventful. Wednesday we went to class only to discover that “Trabajo en casa” meant there wasn’t class. So we hung out for a little while at a place called Chill Out or something like that and I met Bill’s friend Lu. Afterwards I went home and worked on my homework for the ISEP class. Thursday Kayla and I decided to go shopping and look around for shoe stores. Monday morning I had discovered that I had left my shoes in Quepos and was in need of new tennis shoes. Our adventure was grand, we found a decent shoe store and bought clothes. When we checked out the Mercado Central, I saw a sign for Karaoke at a bar and I thought it’d be the perfect place to go. I then text Bill and Cori about Karaoke night and we made plans to go around 8pm. I guess I should have went inside the bar, because when we arrived it was so sketchy! Even a patron came up to us and told us to be careful. The only positive was that the singing sounded amazing! Friday my group in theater was awesome. The whole semester we are writing a play and our final exam is to perform it, I hope people like it! After Theater, I had my Spanish literature class and we watched the worst movie ever….Pan’s Labyrinth. That movie is awful, then we talked about how it related to the Spanish Civil War which was semi interesting. Later I went home and went to bed. Saturday I went with Erin, Kayla, Cori, and Bill to the mall. We (minus Bill) went to see Journey 2 the Mysterious Island, dubbed in Spanish, we all enjoyed laughing at the lame dramatic parts. Sunday I worked  on homework and there was a barbecue my mom was throwing for a soccer game. I left my room to be social but I did not understand the game so I left early to watch Once Upon a Time. That was week two, adiós!


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