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Okay obviously I am the worst blogger ever! Given that I have let a month pass without blogging I am going to hit the main points of the month.

Santa Maria de Dota

We went to Santa Maria de Dota to see the coffee plantation. It was interesting to see the whole process of the beans going through the different machineries, drying out in the sun and in the fields. However I did not enjoy the long climb up the coffee bean mountain, although the view at the top was breathtaking. Once we had reached the top we took many pictures and our guide talked more about the town. I have to admit I wasn’t listening to most of it because I was exhausted at that point. The worst part  after climbing up was getting down. Having a fear of falling I was not comfortable scaling down the giant hill. Then we went to walk through the factory and pick beans ourselves. The baskets were quite silly and kept me from seeing where I walked. It made me appreciate anyone who is or has been pregnant, kudos to them! After berry picking we enjoyed our coffee drinks, mine was coffee, chocolate, ice cream, and mocha mix, it was delicious. Erin and I saw police blocking the street for a half hour and the older police man had a machine gun! I’m not sure what was going down but I didn’t want to provoke them!

20th Birthday

I turned 20 March 18th!!!!! The day before I went to the art festival, FIA with Erin. It was so much fun. We saw a music show with horse puppets that were very interesting, the men galloped and acted the part well. Then we checked out the rest of the park to find food and I spotted a Newfoundland. I was excited because I think they are adorable dogs and cannot wait to have one some day. Then we climbed up a small hill to see these two people climbing up scarves. They were professionals, and the others who tried were not, and failed greatly. Once we were done watching the acrobats we went into the movie tent only to view a movie about copy writing, which we only endured for ten minutes. We then checked out the book area, and I asked a man if he worked there in Spanish and he replied in English. Then I told him no English because I was here to practice. THAT’S RIGHT BRO. We then headed towards the Mercado Artesanía, and I was able to take a picture of the lady who worked the same booth when I visited last time and when Señora studied abroad. I bought a cool pair of colorful pants and then we headed back home to the Hookah Nights. Cori and Bill then joined us and we enjoyed a beer (Cori a coke) and just hung out. Then we went to the Gazebo and hung out there for a while until I was technically 20 🙂

Poás/La Paz

This past weekend we ventured out to see the volcano Poás. To be honest I was not expecting to see anything because the last time I went to see it, clouds were in the way. But thank the Lord, it was visible and clear out, it was beautiful! Cori, Kayla, and I then climbed the path to see the Lagoon, it was breathtaking as well. After that dreadful hike we returned to the café and I finally had aguadulce (con leche). Later we traveled to La Paz to see the waterfalls and the animal refugees. First we had lunch, there was margarita pizza, it was sooo goood. I love that type of pizza now, om nom nom. Then we went to visit the jungle felines, there was a puma, an ocelot, and jaguars. The big jaguar was so adorable! Such a cute big kitty! Then we checked out the waterfalls, and I took silly pictures. On our way back from the waterfalls Kayla and I went to the aviary, and a guide put a toucan on my shoulder! It was beautiful and I made sure that was my profile picture. After the aviary we checked out the mariposas, which were pretty as well. The monkeys were neat but I promised my self no more pictures of monkeys. Then Kayla and I went back to see the jungle cats again and a third time with a bigger group. It was nice when I returned home because all I wanted to do was nap!


Where I left off, we had just found Jewell and the vet agreed to house her if we would walk her and pay for food. For the past month Maya has gone everyday to see her and I would go as much as I could. One day in the second week I found a field near my house that was enclosed. Jewell loved it there! We could take her off her leash and she was able to run and use up all her energy. She also had two other puppy friends who would play with her from time to time. At first she had troubles gaining weight but the vet gave her this fat gel that Maya would give her so she could gain a few pounds. Wednesday Jewell made her way to the US and is now a happy American pup with a field all to herself.

Other events

The most notable event I can think of this week was finally meeting a puppy Maya had told me about. Her neighbor found this cute lost puppy and he was in need of care. Apparently he could barely walk because whoever found him first did not feed or water him, shame. Anyways, Maya asked if I would be interested in adoption and at first I shrugged it off but after thinking about it I began to consider that option. Tuesday I met him, and he was a treat! He was so friendly and we bonded right away. Also he gets along with the other pets, a cat and a dog. They call him Blackie but I plan on calling him Alejandro or Ali for short. I am looking forward to starting up the process in donations and bonding with him so I can take him home.

That’s all for now, next week is Semana Santa and I am going with Cori, Kayla and Yessenia to Playa Tamarindo in Guanacaste. I can’t wait. We leave early tomorrow and I plan on swimming and finally evening out the disgusting difference that is my arm tan to my stomach white.

¡Adiós! 🙂


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