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I will do my best to recall Semana Santa, we did almost the same thing each day so I may skew the details. Here we go:


We woke up bright and early to meet at the explanada around 6:45am. I guess I am somewhat used to waking up early but I still don’t like it. On the way to the bus to San José I realized I had forgotten my camera. I stayed strong and did not tear up like I thought I would, and prayed that disposable cameras were still made, but more on that later. We then took a bus to our stop for the bigger bus to take us to Tamarindo and waited for an hour because we were early. Once we boarded the bus I put in my headphones and napped until the first rest stop. It wasn’t until we stopped that the heat really hit me, and I was thankful I wore shorts. Once we reached Tamarindo after multiple stops and hitting a fence, we spotted the Beach House Hostel and got off the bus to walk to the hostel. At first glance it was adorable, there was a kitchen and it was right by the water, but it wasn’t until later we noticed the bad qualities like roaches, ants, and only one functioning toilet. After eating home-made sandwiches we went to the beach to hop the waves. It felt really nice! For dinner we found this pizza shop and we ordered margarita pizza (yum), Kayla and I had the tinted wine. Once we were done eating we went to check out the night life and found Sharkie’s, and it was women’s night, and first we went there but couldn’t figure out which the free drinks were. Then we went to another disco bar and the free drinks were disappointing as well, we headed home and listened to people talk while smelling skunk (weed).


My memory has faded because I can’t rely on pictures at the moment to remember what all happened, silly  disposable camera. Most of the days I woke up late, 10 or 11, then I would meet up with everyone at the beach. I loved being able to lay out and play in the waves, although the burning sad was not my favorite. Tuesday we went to Sharkie’s for Karaoke night, it was grand. I sang “Can’t Buy Me Love” by the Beatles and a Taylor Swift song with the girls, it was a free shot per each song. We discovered a place were we could have giant burritos, I ordered a fish one and saved it for lunch the next day. We also went to a place were the had nachos “as big as your ass”. From the pictures it looked true, but I only had corn on the cob. The staff and people staying at the Beach House were from all over the world! There was a man from Scotland, one from Cape of Africa, New Zealand, a woman from Finland, and 3 awesome Canadians. We mostly spent our days watching movies in the morning because it was way to hot to move, then went to the beach. I enjoyed Spring Break and meeting all the new people including Hobo guy. He was this guy with dreads that just lived at the Beach House from Argentina. Also there was an old man who claimed to be Yessenia’s boyfriend, it was silly.


We woke up early around 5 am to ready ourselves before going home. Then we took a bus to a city of which I forgot the name of, poor Kayla took ill. Once we arrived around 9:30am our bus didn’t leave until 5:30pm and we had to take Kayla to the ER. Thankfully she was feeling better around 1, then we hung out at the park, napped for a few minutes and went to the bus station. The wait was quite long but we made us of it by napping, reading, talking, ect. Finally our bus took off and I enjoyed the night-time bus ride. I was so happy to return to Heredia and immediately napped.

The Next Week

Easter sunday I was not able to go anywhere because I had no money for taxi to Oasis and I slept in that morning due to all the travel. I spent my day being thankful for what I had and what He had done for me. The rest of the day I just hung out. Monday I don’t remember doing anything, Tuesday was back to classes. It was also Callie’s 21st birthday so we went out that night. We all wrote Pura Birra on tank tops and I decorated mine with glitter. I went home earlier then others because I knew I had reached my limit and wanted to go to bed. Thursday I met with Flory and I helped her with her English homework which was entertaining. Friday we had the Fichas due and thankfully were given another week to finish them. Theater was alright we started practicing out first scenes. Saturday I found out that Blackie was adopted by someone else and because of miscommunication I won’t be taking him home. So I started looking around on Petfinder for dogs in the US (seems easier). That day I walked with Maya to POPS and we tried looking for a used book store but I couldn’t find the one I see on my bus route. Afterwards we parted ways and I went home to hang out with my mom. Sunday I went with my mom to her other church which is in the mountains. It was so peaceful and enjoyable. It had the same energy of the Oasis but the small family vibe as Green Valley. My mom gave the sermon about Isaiah 51 which was neat to see and I could follow along in my Bible. I took many pictures and enjoyed the fresh air and calmness of the mountains. Later I had these interesting fries with cheese, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream, and nachos. It was DELICIOUS!

This week

Monday I did my homework for Alexa’s class and found out that my boyfriend is coming to see me May 17-24! Ahhh I can’t wait, I’ve missed him so much. Tuesday I went to class then went home to work on my powerpoint for Wednesday but i ended up sleeping and watching Glee and New Girl, which were very silly. Wednesday I finished my presentation only to find out it will not be on the exam and I dont have to present until May 2nd, which is awesome. I’m nervous for the exam because it is over so much material. Thursday I had class and we talked about principios which was quite interesting when thinking about words coming from the participles in Spanish. MIND BLOWER. Then I went home to finish my fichas and I watched Grey’s, Thursday I felt very homesick. Also last week I went to McDonald’s hoping to buy a vanilla milkshake, only to find they don’t make them here SAD FACE. Yesterday I had Theater and two of the people who actually had the script didn’t show so we couldn’t do much. Roger and I decided to change most of it because it was horrible to begin with. Then in literatura I presented my fichas first which was alright, I just told them what the articles were about/ what I learned. Before the fichas there were other presentations that were hard to sit through because I just wanted to sleep. Yesterday I also was the caboose of the group because I wore my white heels. As cute as they are, I need to find the socks for heels and flats because now my feet are killing me. Today I looked up a few things for my project for Alexa’s class, joined Pottermore which made me miss my HP books, and watched August Rush in Spanish and Easy A in english. Productive right? Tomorrow Cori and I plan on going to see Titanic. Should be fun. More to come next week! Also I should be sending out my second batch of post cards next week 🙂




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