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Gah. Let time pass again! Ooops. Here are the top three events that have happened in the past three weeks.

School has gone well so far I received an 86 on my first exam, mainly because I forgot how to spell the indigenous tribes…oops. But other than that I did quite well 😀 I presented my powerpoint finally this past week and one two weeks ago for Alexa’s class with Erin. It was enjoyable, we made everyone dance, mwahaha. Now for the main events!


Lucky for us (drum roll) The Avengers premiered a week earlier than the United States so Bill, Cori, Sav, Erin, Maya and I saw it a week before everyone else! And to make things better it was in English. We were all expecting the movie to be in Spanish, which would have been fine, but this way we could understand the wonderful sarcasm of Iron Man and the jokes between the heroes. Before the premier we just hung out at the mall and I bought some cute earrings.


I didn’t feel like putting this in the title. So two weeks ago I woke up with severe pain in my neck. I couldn’t move it to the right side and it was stuck like that for most of the day. I woke up around 10:30 and could not go to the clinic until 4:30. It was horrible, I was sick as well and had many dizzy spells. Finally we got to the clinic and the said I would get medicine, which I thought okay great. Then I thought the Dr. said I had to wait because she had to give someone shots….I thought it was another patient…..not me 😛 So I had two shots, the first was okay but the second was painful….both were NOT in the arm! Thankfully the medicine worked and a few days later the pain went away.


This past weekend Erin, Cori, Bill and I went to Tortuguero. It was so beautiful, just as I had remembered. We left early in the morning and took two buses and a ferry. On the way we met a guy named Sam who was from London and had just graduated from Med School in Ireland. He was really cool and ended up hanging out with us because his friends were in Monteverde. When we arrived at the ferry stop a man from the hostel meet us with our names on a sign and after the boat ride he showed us to our hostel. Bill made a great choice because it was paradise. I wasn’t sure when I was going so I ended up in a single, which was really nice. Each morning the staff made the towels into birds or flowers and added real flowers on top. Then we went to lunch and I had the best pancakes since I have been here. Then we hung out in the hammocks and Sam and I went for a walk on the beach. Later we tried to find the Karaoke bar but it was too sketchy so we went to the Discotec instead. It was neat and entertaining as well because almost all the “community” dogs were in the bar as well! Creepy guys asked Cori and I to dance so that was awkward and eventually we left. The next day we woke up around 5 and left for a canoe tour at 5:45, we saw caimon, otters, birds, and iguanas. After the boat ride and breakfast we all took a nap then woke up for our hike. The guide was not very qualified so it was a waste of time along with the night beach walk to see turtles because we did not see any. The next day we woke up early to return and arrived home around 11:45 or so.


Today we went to the Children’s Museum in San José. After walking awhile because I am bad with directions and can’t shake the reputation of getting lost, we finally made it! It was so much fun. We went through all the exhibits including a trip to space, experiencing earthquakes and others! Bill and Cori played Wizarding Chess and we went through a house of illusions. I took many pictures you all can check out on Facebook! I enjoyed seeing all the exhibits again and playing with magnetic sand, water, bubbles, electricity, and other things! After we returned Bill, Cori, Kayla, Maya and I went for a late lunch at Taco Bell. Then we walked towards my home and passed many honking cars because a big game is happening today with Heredia. There are flags everywhere! After a trip to Wal-Mart with Kayla I am now home sort of watching the game and updating my blog and uploading pictures. Hooray! So far Heredia is winning, although I am neutral because my mom likes another team….but they aren’t playing so I guess I am rooting for Heredia!

Ciao para ahora (Not the same jaja)


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