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May 13-19

Check me out writing after a week. See I can blog without letting a month pass by. Speaking of months, I have only 4 weeks left until I return to the States! But first, I will go over the week.


Heredia won! Which was cool except for the insane amount of honking that took place two hours after the game! Today (Saturday 19th) is the major game for the championship. If Heredia wins, the whole providence will be partying and honking and other! Sunday I don’t recall doing much, except trying to read for later in the week. Nothing really comes to mind though.


Monday I spent the whole day doing my subjunctive workbook pages while listening to Disney songs in Spanish. I also listened to the Prince of Egypt soundtrack in Spanish which is AMAZING! I almost prefer Liberanos to Deliver Us. After a few hours of slow productivity I finished the pages and was able to transfer my vocab from my notebooks to my little book. Then I enjoyed my treat of watching the HIMYM season finale, which blew my mind. It was a bummer because I didn’t have minutes or internet to fan girl to someone.


I woke up early to get to class, we went over examples of the subjunctive. I enjoyed the review, it’s always nice to go back and remember one of the most toughest tenses in the language. After class I went to the main office to ask for more people to tutor, I will start with them Monday. Hooray! Then I went home to eat lunch and took a nap. I can’t remember much of what happened Tuesday, so I think it was an easy day.


My mom and I talked about how to make cramps less painful. She took me not to get my feet wet because that apparently makes it worse. I then tried studying for the exam on Friday which kind of worked. Then I went to class and we listened to two presentations then had a group assignment which was hard. We had to pull out the new vocabulary in dialects from 5 different places then say what the words are in Costa Rica. Not being a native speaker it was difficult. After class we all went for icecream at POPs. I had a coffee ice cream sundae with chocolate syrup. It was yummy. Then I went home only to discover my youth group wanted to go to McDonald’s, not the one near my house but the one where I had just come from. So we went to McDonald’s and I enjoyed some delicious cookies.


Thursday we went over the subjunctive again so that was fun. Then after class there was a drag show for diversity week. Katie C, Cori and her student and I went to watch on the hill where the diversity plaza is. The show was very amusing, I liked the girl who danced to Beyonce songs. She/he was really good! I must admit I am jealous that they can dance like that in heels when I can barely walk in them. Oh life and it’s justifiable ways. After the show I went home for lunch and found out a puppy would be there the next day. I took a long nap and woke up just in time to watch the finale of Grey’s. It made me sad because a character died, thus showing my tv addict life. I then started to study for the exam and went to bed.


Friday I woke up around 6:30 to the cries of a puppy. I got up and played with the most adorable lab puppy. Then my mom and I had breakfast and coffee and I went back to sleep because my day didn’t start until later. When I woke up again for the second time the puppy was gone so I went to take a shower, but was interrupted by my mom telling me to come quick. The puppy was back! She was too cute. I played with her some more, ate lunch then headed to class. In theater we ended up combining groups with Kayla’s group because one of the people in my group stopped showing and she was a main character in our play. Now Kayla and I are the protagonists, which takes the pressure off. We had a lot of fun improvising and Fransisco and I played jokes on each other. After class Luiguí wanted a picture with me then said “No with Katy Perry” to mess with me. Then Kayla and I met up with Cori and studied more for the exam. I think it went okay for me, but the profe grades hard. I believe that interpreting a poem is an individual endeavor and there is no correct answer, but the profe doesn’t think that. So here’s hoping for at least an 8. When I returned home I had arroz con pollo and then went to bed early because I was exhausted.

Saturday (Today)

Today is the big day of the game. I heard the honking start around 12, oh dear. Cori and I plan to go see The Lucky One at 4:40 pm. Hopefully others will join. At the moment it is pouring and there is thunder, maybe it’s to symbolize the big game. A smoothie place just opened two houses down from my house and my mom surprised me with one and a delicious panini. Now I am listening to more Spanish songs from my favorite childhood movies (Yes that includes Pulgarcita ;)). The game is later so I hope they win (Heredia) because I like rooting for the under dog.

Having 4 weeks left/Feelings and stuff

Holy smokes there are only 4 weeks left until I leave for the states. I have had nothing but mixed feelings for the past few weeks about my departure from Costa Rica. I love it here so much but I also miss my home. I am terrified that my spanish is the same as it was before I got here, which isn’t quite true, but it is a fear. I will miss all my friends from Gal and from my classes very much. Also I will miss my mom, she is so amazing and I love her like she was my real also amazing mom. I hope to return to CR when I can, just like my spanish teacher has done. Speaking of Señora, I believe I may run into them close to the end of my study abroad. I hope so, I want to show her how I’ve improved, mostly thanks to her. Other news includes the soon arrival of Ian! He’s coming in 5 days and we will be going to Manuel Antonio to see the monkeys and spend well deserved time with each other. I am so grateful for him, he is such a great boyfriend and best friend. I can’t wait to see him, after 4 months, Skype just doesn’t match a real hug.

It’s almost 3 so I’m going to get ready to go to the movies then head to the mall early to check out some books Erin suggested to me. I will also miss my new ISEP friends, they all live far away but I guess they are in the same country, which won’t stop me from visiting.

Until next week!

¡Hasta Luego!


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